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Piston Type Sampling Valve

Piston Type Sampling Valve Piston Type Sampling Valve


What is a Piston Type Valve?

A Piston Type Sampling Valve, as the name suggests, provides a precise sample of the fluids passing through it. The valve quickly and safely opens and closes using a spring-loaded and fail-close safety design.


What type of Piston Type Valves do AJG Waters supply?

We provide state-of-the-art sampling solutions, like the SV Series, which is a Soft Seated solution available with heating jackets. Our Piston Valve solutions include Manual or Actuated.


Key Features of a SV Sampling Type Valve

  • Soft-seat design
  • Leak-free
  • Piston moves through the valve clearing out any material that may harden.
  • Always gives a live sample.


What industries use Piston Type Valves?


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Where to buy industrial Piston Type Valves?

We can supply your industrial heavy duty Piston Type Sampling Valve needs with bespoke valves and specialised valving for Petrochemical, Oil, Gas, Chemical, Fine Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical and Wastewater. Please contact us by email or phone 020 8777 9294 to discuss your requirements and your project specifications.