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Line Blinds

A.J.G Waters Equipment Ltd work with many large manufacturers of specialist equipment such as positive shut-iff line blinds. If your project is in requirement of bespoke line blinds or other types of valves, then please contact us and discuss your requirements.


What is a line blind?

Line blinds provide an additional safety solution designed for positive shut-off of piping, equipment or storage tanks. Isolation valves are not always reliable, which is where positive shut-off line blinds provide a closed, drop-tight, verifiable, and maintainable solution for complete positive shut-off. This positive shut-off feature makes line blinds perfectly attuned for permanent or long-term piping system isolation and shutdown.


Line blinds quickly isolate lines compared to spectacle blinds and are a cost effective solution, reducing labour costs when isolating a system. Line blinds give zero-leakage compared to some isolation valves.

How does a line blind work?

Please view the Strahman Line Blinds video for information on how a line blind works.


Types of Strahman line blinds

  • 760 Series • Carbon Steel • 300# [Image Shown With Flanged Ends]Strahman Line Blinds 760 Series, Carbon Steel
  • 760 Series • Carbon Steel • 150# Flanged EndsStrahman Line Blinds 760 Series, Carbon Steel
  • 760 Series • Stainless Steel • BW Sch. 80 Flanged EndsStrahman Line Blinds 760 Series, Stainless Steel
  • 700 Series • Spreading Type • Line BlindsStrahman Line Blinds 700 Series, Spreading Type
  • 740 Series • Non-Spreading Type • Line BlindsStrahman Line Blinds 740 Series, Non-Spreading Type


Product Options

  • Cryogenic series
  • Large size range (1/2” through 52”)
  • Body materials (CS and SS are standard)
  • ANSI flanged, Butt-welded or DIN flanged end connections
  • Variety of seals
  • Automated models
  • Non-spill style
  • Position feedback


Line Blinds Features

  • Handwheel operation
  • No pipe stress as the spectacle plate moves into position
  • No pipe sag or misalignment from spreading
  • Single person operation


Industries using Line Blinds

  • Petrochemical
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Mining
  • Shipping
  • Plastics

Where to buy industrial line blinds?

We can supply your industrial heavy duty line blinds for Petrochemical, Oil, Gas, Chemical, Fine Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical and Wastewater. Please contact us by email or phone 020 8777 9294 to discuss your requirements and your project specifications.