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RF-Tek Pinch Valves


What is a Pinch Valve?

A Pinch Valve allows fluids (which may contain solids) to be easily restricted from flowing, without contamination or to be touching the valve mechanisms.


What type of Pinch Valves do AJG Waters supply?

We are a leading supplier in industrial heavy duty Pinch Valves from 2 inches upwards. Our Pinch Valves are used for Abrasive, Corrosive, Scaling Slurries, Powder, Pellets and Liquids containing solids.


How does a Pinch Valve work?

A standard Pinch valve contains a rubber or flexible elastic tubing sleeve/hose. The tubing is compressed by another mechanism which restricts the flow through the tube, thus acting as a valve and reducing the flow of liquid.


Key Features of a RF Valve

  • Configurable with most electric multi-turn actuators on the market
  • Exterior as well as interior corrosion resistant Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powdercoating
  • In-line and quick tube change with patented tube folds for durability & self-cleaning
  • Standard Face-to-Face


What industries use Pinch Valves?


Types of Pinch Valves

There are several types of Pinch Valve available.


Pinch Valve Facts

On a smaller scale, Pinch Valves have been used in the original Super Soaker water pistols, whereby the finger trigger would push down on the tube, restricting the water flow. When the trigger was pulled back, releasing the valve, this allowed the pressurised water to flow through.


Where to buy industrial Pinch Valves?

We can supply your industrial heavy duty Pinch Valve needs with bespoke valves and specialised valving for Petrochemical, Oil, Gas, Chemical, Fine Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical and Wastewater. Please contact us by email or phone 020 8777 9294 to discuss your requirements and your project specifications.


RF Pinch Valve in-line tube replacement

The RF Pinch Valve is easy to maintain. The below video shows how quickly the inline-tube can be replaced